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Never Stop Learning

Sheffield Plus provides innovative talent development solutions for organisations seeking to achieve a competitive edge via their people. By providing both in-house and public training programs, we empower companies with the capability and resources to improve the competencies and working relationships of their staff. This approach creates highly-skilled, cohesive and high-performing organisations. 

Our internationally qualified consultants & trainers, are able to draw upon a wide range of both theoretical and real-life examples to share with participants. This also means participants have a greater chance of success when applying new approaches to their day-to-day roles. All of our services are delivered with the highest levels of engagement including post-engagement support to ensure maximum success even after the formalities of workshops and training have been completed. 

Sheffield Plus is HRDF certified with the Malaysian government which includes a requirement for government accredited trainers to form part of our operations. Companies that contribute to the Human Resources Development Levy may be reimbursed for the cost of our training services.

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